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Nearly every person in the world who can access a computer (and many who can not) have heard of the popular game, called Minecraft. By now I should not need to describe it to you beyond the fact it is a highly customizable game with infinite amount of options. This obviously could spell the recipe for a game that would take the world by storm. But the key word in that last sentence is “could.” Because the game itself was no guarantee for automatic fame. There are many, many behind the scenes events and actions that took and take place to boost the game’s popularity. The reason these behind the scene events are so important is that it may teach companies, even multi-million dollar companies what they’ve been doing wrong. It is also an amazing business psychological study to pay attention to for anyone.

Probably the basis for all of Minecraft’s popularity is how personal the game is. I don’t mean personal to the player (though that is important too and people get very attached to the worlds they create), I am referring to the maker, who goes by the name Notch. Notch is the creator and founder of the company Mojang. But what is unique about Notch’s approach to his gaming community is his personal approach through all forms of social media and how he speaks to them on a familiar level. Typically when larger companies such as Bethseda, Square Enix, and others make any announcement pertaining to their game they do so as a company speaking to its followers.

Notch’s unique approach of making his company seem more a group of gamers than a true company makes his fans feel as if they’re being spoken to by a friend rather than a giant or someone above them. What’s more is the language he uses. His words are very common lingo amongst gamers and “those in the know.” Therefore creating a true sense of community so fans feel they’re apart of Minecraft, not just players.

It doesn’t go unnoticed however, that Notch has made decisions that many question, even his own team. For example he once told someone who could not afford Minecraft to pirate (or use an illegal copy they could obtain for free) until they were able to afford Minecraft. This brought scorn from many larger companies and other start-up companies. But to the community-it was golden. It was a perfect example of how Notch was “one of them” not a corporate big wig.

While minecraft gift code generator is indeed a new age game that’s breaks all the rules of traditional game, it isn’t so different from its creator. Notch too uses new age tactics and maneuvers that from any traditional stand point would have you tearing out your hair. But it has given a personality to Minecraft and its company. Even though none of us are game designers, it is clear those methods are being used today all the way down to a retail level where we can observe retail chains such as Wal-mart trying to be more friendly and one of us as opposed to be a big unknown corporate.

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